Stunning Contemporary Art in Marvellous Montpellier

Arthur Cole

Arthur Cole was born in Halesowen, West Midlands in 1932. He qualified as an architect and ran a local practice until 2000. But the love of his life has always been painting. Some of his works evoke happy childhood memories: carrying an empty jug to the outdoor hatch of their local pub Samson  and Lion to collect his father's beer; each Saturday morning joining the queue at Harry Lane's butcher shop for the family's wartime rations; running along the intriguingly named Intended Street which was a dead -end with no means of turning round; being dared by chums to run down the lonely lane past the cottage of Lisa Topcake (an elderly, eccentric woman) whereupon if spotted she would come out and holler, waving her stick. A Halesowen long gone.

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