Three floors of fabulous original, contemporary art in Marvellous Montpellier.

Jason Anderson

Having left school at 16 Jason embarked on a 5 year apprenticeship in Bristol as a stained glass craftsman working on restoration projects at Yorkminster, Gloucester and Wells cathedrals. Progressing into design work taught Jason the elements of composing and stylising subject matter around a ‘jigsaw’ of painted glass which resonate in his pieces today.

Using a strong palette and combining fine brush work with impasto effects with thick daubs of paint sculpted with a knife Jason creates ever changing paintings which catch the light in different ways as you move around the room.

“The knife forces me to be bold and decisive. It also produces a kaleidoscope of shape and tone (reminiscent of stained glass) which portrays the ever present movement and energy found in nature”

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